Full name

Lesley Rooney


3D artist


London, UK


I'm a 3d artist with professional experience in hard/organic (low to high), modelling, texturing, object animation and environments. I'm a very motivated artist who's always open to new tools, techniques and styles. I come from a games environment, prop artist back ground, but have expanded to worked in films and Iphone game development. My film reel can be seen at https://vimeo.com/67950765

I’m experienced using 3dsmax, Maya ,Zbrush,Headus uvlayout, Photoshop, Crazy bump, xnormal,Bodypaint , Mari and Nuke(basic) and more recently trying lookdev, mudbox(basic), unity(basic).
I enjoy working on teams where I am constantly learning ,mentoring or using my experience to overcome artistic challenges. I have a land running attitude. Actually it goes without saying I keep up to date with the aid of tutorials from Gnomon, and Digital tutors in my spare time.

I’m very familiar with working under pressure from years of working at different studios. I’m not going to claim I can trouble shoot everything but I’ve gain enough experience to certainly be capable of finding solutions for a fair few production problems if needed.

I hope you enjoy my website, if you have any time, any feedback would be much appreciated.