Not a great image but it's all I have for now. Video can be seen at or

Video grab of the 12 metre wide projection, 180° curved screen. These virtual environments were commissioned for the ACT-UK simulation centre, an £8.7 million state of the art training centre for construction managers.

We had to create 5 different stage of developement from excavation, foundations to fully finished homes on a building site. My role was to look through the enormous amounts of reference images to enable me to model (3dsmax) and create terrain textures for the different timeslices including diffuse, spec and normals maps. Due to the nature of the project and at the client's request we needed to be accurate with the models and the textures in terms of brick sizes, length of objects and shapes of trenches. During the second phase of the project , the creation of Brindley place which needed less intense texturing , I was also responsible for scheduling, putting the scene together in the engine, identifying potential problems and suggesting new work flow between artists with support from the Lead Artist..

Example reference images

Example reference images

Wireframe example of the screen at Coventry university.

An example of some of the architectural drawings we worked from showing the different stages of building developement.

Professional Work terrain modelling and texturing

Example terrain textures for Aldermans Green, shown in Bodypaint 3D. I needed to generate 75*2k diffuse textures plus a few normal and spec maps. I had to create the terrain textures with a bit on embedded lighting, all looking as though it came from one direction as our target engine didn’t have the best lighting.

ACT-UK simulation centre