As a texture artist at Pixomondo London, I was responsible for creating maps in linear and srgb colour space for the lobby clock , train carriages, station roof glass, signal gantry and various props such as hanging lights, benches, phonebox, small departure board etc... My main tool were Mari (cool piece of software), Maya, 3dsmax and Photoshop.

I just like to say this is my first experience as a texture artist in visual effects. I had a wonderful but yet hectic , challenging but yet rewarding time creating textures maps for a few props such as hanging lamps, benches, small departure board, telephone booth, station roof , gantry and some hero assets such as the lobby clock and train carriages. The whole experience was made some what easier with the use of Mari which I'm quite grateful to be given the chance to learn for the show and many of my fellow colleagues :-)

My Mari snap shot and WIP lookDev done by Simon Lower.

Created train carriages diffuse , dirt and displacement maps. Sally Wilson did the Spec and Bump maps and look dev

Snap shots from Pixomondo vfx breakdown.

The main carriage textures also had additional help from Sally Wilson on their bump and specular maps for the main body. I created dirt and masks for the train windows. Allot of time pressure to get ready for the trailer.

I also used Mari with imported camera projections from Maya to assist in creating first pass textures on the lobby floor. A simple way to get a more accurate positioning of the lobby floor pattern. Didier Muanza did the final detail on the floor.

station roof glass

Professional Work on Hugo

Professional texture artist work at Pixomondo, london for the film Hugo.

Texture artist