WIP diffuse and 70% finished bump. I need to add height to his eye brow hair and some more to the flaking face paint.

diffuse and bump

More detail and the rest of the body

Diffuse , WIP bump. Hair needs adjustments to show height but I might take his hair out. Not decided yet , also intending to experiment with a bit of Vray hair.

Summary so far on WIP textures. Diffuse

Master texture sizes are currently 8k but I use 2K for testing the lookdev

Mari 2012

You may recognise this as Jakob Kousholt’s Witch Doctor model prepared for Mari 2012 competition. Brilliant model,  unfortunately I really didn’t have the time  to enter the challenge. I’ve got a few more personal projects on the go but failing this I really wanted to use it to improve my look dev knowledge using a linear workflow from Mari, Nuke and Vray. It’s also a good excuse to show my use of surfacemimic for bump mapping. The character still needs more work to inject a story within his textures for example  displacement map , hair, more masks for Vray blend shaders and more skin  paint . He’s not shouting witch doctor at the moment. It’s been allot of fun and great to work on organic rather then hard surface texturing. Will be updating soon with renders and more screenshots. All textures created with Mari and photoshop.

Check out the Mari 2012 cg challenge  entries. There’s some really good work

Linear screenshots in Mari